Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is a requirement for program participation. These Terms and Conditions, which are subject to change at the discretion of the Smart Home Study Consortium (the “Consortium”) prior to installation of designated technology, are deemed to form the Agreement between Smart Home Study, being run by the Consortium, and you, the eligible study participant. Electronically submitting this application after clicking the “I Agree” box indicates your full understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions should you be selected to participate in the program.

  1. To be eligible for the Smart Home Study, you must (i) be a customer of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) with an active residential electric service account; (ii) own your home; (iii) have central air conditioning in your home (mini-split AC systems are ineligible); (iv) have broadband access at home; (v) have an owned or leased plug-in -electric vehicle (“EV”), and/or owned or leased solar photovoltaic system (“PV”); (vi) be willing to provide Green Button data*; (vii) be willing to accept technology to be installed in your home; (viii) consider changing your current rate plan to the Time of Use (TOU)** rate plan offered as part of the study; (ix) not be active participants in an SDG&E demand response program other than RYU (Reduce Your Use); and (x) agree to provide access to your utility data and bills via SDG&E’s Letter of Authorization***.
  2. To qualify to receive a Level 2 charger, you must (1) own or lease an EV for daily use registered at the address corresponding to your SDG&E account; and (2) have paid the current vehicle registration fees in the State of California.
  3. To qualify to receive a stationary energy storage system (ESS) (i.e., a compact solar battery), your home must have a PV system connected to the grid or an EV. [Please note: Storage enablement for backup will not be provided by the study but can be arranged with the installation contractor for a fee.]
  4. Participant selection criteria: The Consortium will review the list of applicants who indicate intent to enroll. The review will include an eligibility checklist and rank applicants based on how much the program is expected to benefit them (based on usage patterns discerned from the Green Button data), depending on which technologies they currently have or technologies that can be installed as part of the study. The Consortium will have sole discretion regarding participant and equipment selection.
  5. As a program participant, you agree to receive installation of one or more items of program technology in your home, which will include a gateway, meter, Wi-Fi programmable thermostat, and could include a Level 2 EV charging station and/or a compact solar battery, all at no charge to you. You further agree to keep the equipment installed for the duration of the study.
  6. You understand and agree that the nominal retail values of any of the items of technology, including installation, are only estimates based on currently recognized retail prices.
  7. By agreeing to the installation of the items of technology in your home, you understand and acknowledge that the respective technology manufacturers may require you to register with them and agree to separate terms and conditions, and that your data may be shared with these same manufacturers. At the conclusion of the program, you will cease to be a participant in Smart Home Study but may remain a customer of the manufacturers of the technology you receive until and unless you terminate the relationship. The equipment will remain at your home for your use after the conclusion of the study, but will be disconnected from Smart Home Study.
  8. You understand that participation is voluntary, with technology assigned based on criteria determined from your questionnaire responses.
  9. You agree that, should you be selected to participate in Smart Home Study, you will accept installation of the technology assigned to you and respond within five (5) business days after being so notified to schedule inspection of your home for installation feasibility.
  10. You agree to allow the Consortium to remotely control the technologies installed as part of the study. The remote access is intended to benefit you as a participant in the study. In addition, the Consortium may engage the technology three (3) times for two (2) weeks at a time for testing. Participants may experience a small increase in cost during these test periods; however, participants who have switched to the TOU rates are price-protected and will recoup any loss when the study ends.
  11. You understand and agree that Smart Home Study is a pilot program scheduled to end December 1, 2019 and that you will be asked to switch to a time-of-use billing rate assigned to you through that time. In addition:
    1. If you change your rate, you will be compensated for any additional charges due to that rate change during the study period (“Bill Protection”).
    2. You understand and agree that, should you not change your rate to a Smart Home Study time-of-use billing rate, you will not be eligible to receive Bill Protection at the conclusion of the study.
    3. Your potential savings will be determined by how you choose to utilize the technology and alter your overall usage.
    4. At the conclusion of the study, you will be permitted to change your billing rate to any rate for which you are then currently eligible.
    5. You understand and agree that, should you be a Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate holder prior to participation in the Smart Home Study, and you choose to switch to a Smart Home Study time-of-use billing rate, you will not be grandfathered and will likely be ineligible to return to those same tiered volumetric NEM rates at the conclusion of the study.
  12. You understand and agree that you will assume ownership of the technology at the conclusion of the study, and that any issue regarding possible mechanical malfunction that may occur after the study concludes will be your responsibility and that of the manufacturer.
  13. You understand and agree that the Consortium is solely responsible for Smart Home Study. SDG&E is not a funding partner for this study and makes no representations, expressed or implied, regarding design, construction, reliability, efficiency, performance, operation, maintenance, or use of any technology associated with this study. Neither SDG&E nor any of the affiliated parties to this study guarantees any energy or bill savings as a result of this study.
  14. Release and Indemnification: You agree to release and hold harmless SDG&E, Smart Home Study, any of its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and contractors from and against any and all causes of action, damages, losses, claims, expenses, demands, costs (including attorney’s fees and expenses and all court, arbitration or other dispute resolution costs), or any of them, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way directly connected with this study, and any associated issues related to performance of the technology is the responsibility of its manufacturer. Furthermore, your receipt of the free technology indicates your understanding and acceptance of responsibility for any taxes associated therewith (should any exist).
  15. During the study period, the Consortium may, at its discretion, alter requirements described above, to meet the broader goals of the study.

*The Green Button initiative is an industry-led effort that responds to a 2012 White House call-to-action to provide utility customers with easy and secure access to their usage information in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format for electricity, natural gas, and water usage.

** TOU plans take into account the time of day you are using energy, which allows you two ways to save – by shifting your electricity use to lower cost hours of the day or by reducing your overall usage. During the on-peak hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., increased demand on the electric grid means a higher cost to produce and deliver electricity. So, by shifting your use to off-peak hours, when there is less demand, the cost of electricity is less.

*** This will enable the Consortium to monitor your usage and billing to ensure accurate comparisons and bill protection. The Consortium will not make any changes to your account. The form is available here: https://www.sdge.com/node/6586